Friday, April 13, 2012

REFLECTION 4 : staff turnover

staff turnover is the rate at which an employer gain and loses employees. the simple way to explain it, is by asking "how long employees or staff tend to stay?". some of kindergarten, there have a lot of senior teacher whom never leave after the first step enter the center. but unfortunately, some of kindergarten have a lot of this matter. teacher just come and go. how to count this staff turnover?

number of employees who left during the year X 100
average employed of the year.

if the percentage become 25% and above, that means the staff turnover in that center is high. but if the need of teacher less, it is means nothing for the center because not bother the organisation or managment of the center. 

why this turnover employees is such of problem in management or kindergarten? 
  1. teacher or caregiver will lack of knowledge, skill and experiences
  2. it will raise the costing of hiring staff like vacancies advertisement, doing all procedure to appoint staff and so on
  3. the trust of parents will be lose, because parents always demand for teacher or caregiver knows their children very well.
  4. it is such ruin for the manager to send their staff for training.
  5. no expert teacher or caregiver, if the staff turnover is novice or fresh graduate with no experiences. 
these five factors are some of problem that will appear to manager or organisation of center that always have problem with staff turnover. it is such serious thing that employer need to take care about.

why are employees leaving?
  1. poor recruitment and selection procedures
  2. poor management style
  3. expectation raise to high at interview so that disillusionment sets in
  4. poor company communication 
  5. lack of managerial support
  6. low wages
  7. poor working condition
  8. lack of training, prospects or new challenges
from these eight factors, employer need to alert about all of the management weakness. this is because in one company, if the employees have problems, the operation of the company will being effect because the employer just manage and direct employees to move the arrangement or vision. so this is such the big problem for the owner of kindergarten.

p/s:: this is my first reflection in english. and i'm so poor in grammar, vocab and so on. hope this will make you understand and if you have any opinion or criticism please do so at my comment link / "pengkritik hebat". 

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